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What makes Uppsala so special to me?

Uppsala If you’ve never been to Uppsala, you definitely should come and visit!

I really like a lot of things about Uppsala, but people are the heart of this little town. Every time I meet someone new here, I wonder what is it about Uppsala that makes all the best people come and stay. Being a university town, with a very dynamic and vibrant atmosphere, Uppsala is a place where tradition blends well with everyday life. People from all over the country are often curious to find out more about the town after the positive opinions they heard from others, and we also have many international visitors; after all, we’ve got one of the most prestigious universities in Europe!

Uppsala Universitet

Uppsala UniversityEstablished in the 15th century, it is a university with a vast heritage, and it shows! From the University structure, to traditions to beautiful buildings, it certainly embraces its reputation of being the oldest Scandinavian university.

Uppsala University is renowned for its dedication and excellence in languages. Studying here gives the opportunity to choose from 40 languages, including English, French, Russian, Hindu, Turkish or Catalan. My education at the Uppsala University equipped me with excellent linguistic tools and sensitivity to language in general. Amongst the Uppsala alumni you can find notable poets and writers, including August Strindberg, Erik Axel Karlfeldt, Pär Lagerkvist and Karin Boye. There’s no better place to explore languages!
For more info, go to http://www.uu.se/

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